Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. We will list some of the most commonly asked questions and give our answers to them.

Are you working at the moment?
Yes we are.

How long have you been established?
We started in 2002.

Are you insured?
Yes we have £5 million public liability and treatments risk cover for anything we work on.

What payment methods do you accept?
We take cash, Paypal, cheque, bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, American Express, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

How long does a carpet take to dry?
Carpet drying times vary depending on the type of carpet, temperature, humidity and ventilation. A low profile man made fibre carpet in the summer with low humidity could be dry in an hour or two. A wool carpet in the summer with high humidity or in the winter could take 24-48 hours to completely dry. Opening windows in the summer to allow air movement will aid drying as will turning on heating in the cooler months.

How long does upholstery take to dry?
Again it depends on the fabric and weather. Some upholstery can be dry in a few hours others might take 24-48 hours. We advise having alternative seating arrangements in place for the evening after its been cleaned just to be on the safe side.

Do you work weekends?
Yes we work some Saturdays and can do Sundays if required.

Do you need electricity & hot water?
Yes ideally we need both. Electricity is always needed to run our various items of electrical equipment ( vacuum cleaner, rotary, fogging / fumigation equipment, extraction machine, drying fans etc. ). Our hot water extraction machine does have a built in heater but it speeds everything up if we can put tap hot water in it to start with.

How soon can you do it?
This will depend on our workload but generally within a few days. We will fit you in as soon as possible or on a day and at a time that suits you best. Sometimes we might even be able to fit you in the same day or next day if we are working in your area and have some spare time.

Do we need to vacuum?
Yes please if you can. If you’re not able don’t worry we will vacuum if necessary ( please let us know when inquiring if you haven’t been able to vacuum for a while or can’t vacuum or there’s lots of hair as we’ll need to charge extra for the time involved ).

Do we need to empty the room or move furniture?
If you can move smaller items of furniture out of the room where the carpet is being cleaned that’s a big help. Things like nests of tables, magazine racks, lamps etc. are best if they are out of the room. We will move your arm chairs and sofa around as we need to, same with the dining table if there is one. We will work around any large, heavy or awkward items like big TV’s, heavy beds, beds with central support legs, side boards, grandfather clocks etc. because won’t risk damaging the item or our backs trying to move them.

Can you apply scotchgard?
Yes we can apply stain protection / Scotchgard to freshly cleaned or brand new carpet or upholstery.

Are the chemicals you use safe?
Yes they are safe for you, your children and your pets. Most carpet cleaning chemicals or solutions are bio degradable and completely safe to use in your home.

Is the equipment noisy?
Our carpet extraction machine is like a loud vacuum cleaner. Its always left outside to keep noise levels down and to expel hot / humid / stale/smelly air outdoors rather than inside. When we do flats we will try leave machine on landing if possible or at bottom of stairs.

Does a carpet get dirty quicker once its been cleaned?
The main reason for resoiling after having a carpet cleaned is sticky chemical residue still present in the carpet. DIY and hire machines are notoriously bad for this because you’re running a sticky, soapy shampoo though the carpet and it leaves a lot of sticky residue behind. We prespray the carpet with a suitable chemical dependent on fibre type, level & type of soiling to get the best results & then flush with plain hot water so no or very little chemical residue is left in the carpet.

Can you remove stains?
It depends on what the stain is, the carpet type & whether anything has already been used to try and remove it. We carry a wide range of specific stain removers on our van but sometimes stains are impossible to remove or even reduce especially on some carpet types.

Can you remove odours?
Odours can be tricky to reduce or completely remove in carpets and upholstery. There are lots of different odour treatments available but sometimes depending on the type and severity of the problem replacement is the only option.

What don’t we clean but get asked?
We don’t clean car interiors, curtains, mattresses and some water sensitive upholstery that needs dry cleaning.

My carpet smells bad after cleaning?
Bad odour from a carpet after cleaning or spot cleaning is bacteria that’s been caused by over wetting the carpet and / or poor ventilation causing it to stay damp for too long. Bad odour can develop if there’s moisture anywhere after 1-2 days. Carpets can smell foisty, damp, doggy or develop a similar unpleasant smell. Over wetting a carpet can also make the underlay and or floor underneath damp and in some cases can take days or even a week or two to completely dry out if left. Best thing you can do is well ventilate the room ( open windows and fans can help with this ) and lift up the carpet and also the underlay if appears wet or damp up and away from the floor to allow air in between the layers. Once fresh air is able to get between the layers it will greatly speed up the drying process and once dry the odour should go. This is quite a common problem especially with under powered diy or hire machines and very occasionally with professional carpet cleaners. Hot humid summer days are the worst time for this to happen. The main thing to remember is that the smell will go or be greatly reduced once its all dry, do not attempt to re-clean or add moisture with a spray deodoriser or similar product because it will only prolong the problem, getting everything dry is the key. To combat this we use an antibacterial deodoriser in every clean which helps address this issue and leaves the carpet smelling nice and fresh.

If you need any advice or have any other questions please either use our contact form or call 07721 827163.